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The Blue Cornflower Project ~ Le Projet Bleuet Bleu
An international art exhibit to honor 4000 French children living in Paris in 1942 who were deported and died in Auschwitz .
4000 children and their story
The blue cornflower project - le projet Bleuet Bleu
The 4000 children we are honoring with the art exhibit.
Details about the 4000 French children we are honoring with the art exhibit.
autobiography of Chloe Dee Noble, American artist
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Her personal estate jewelry
Chloe's Bijou Shop of her personal estate jewelry

Kabbalah Red String Bracelet
from tomb of Rachel, blessed holy amulet.
The Grace Kelly Page
Chloe met Grace at her childhood home and when she became a princess she gave Chloe many things, clothing, jewelry, Here is part of that collection.
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704 Sunset Avenue in Venice Beach, California
the place where I created most of my art
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Chloe Dee Noble - PARIS art displayed in Bulgaria
Chloe works in forensic science as a facial reconstruction artist
Homage to JonBenet
Miscellaneous photos: works in bronze, canvas, paper and a bit of biographical information.
Chloe Dee Noble - her variety of art created
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4000 children and their story

AUGUST 1942 - Paris France
This beautiful child was deported from Paris, where she was born, and sent all alone by convoy to Auschwitz.  Her parents had been arrested two weeks earlier and were already dead when she arrived. This child died on her birthday in the gas chamber.  

Please plant blue cornflower seeds in your garden to honor her life and the 4000 children who received the same fate.  Find more details in my Facebook page. 

Parents of this child were deported to Auschwitz. Two weeks later she was sent to Auschwitz in a convoy all alone, and on her birthday, they put her in a gas chamber. Please plant b,ie cornflower seeds in your yard to honor these 4000  children.

The Blue Cornflower Project ~ Le Projet Bleuet Bleu 

Here is a photo of the SCWARTZSTEIN Family who lived above a neighborhood restaurant located at 10 rue Julien Lacroix in the 20th arrondissement of Paris France.

Gilbert and his sister Evelyn were both born in Paris. Gilbert is ten years old in this photo.

On August 24, 1942 Gilbert, Evelyn and their mother, Helene, were deported from Paris to Poland on Convoy 23. All three died in Auschwitz on Evelyn’s fifth birthday.

Their father, already a prisoner of war, died of grief when he heard the fate of his family.

Please plant a few blue cornflower seeds in remembrance of these beautiful children.

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